In-Stock Amish Chicken Coops

Fully-Built – Delivered – Complete
Authentic Handmade Amish Chicken Coops.

In-Yard Delivery in the Contiguous 48 United States.

Soft yellow baby chick with hardhat on to illustrate chicken safety

Coops that Protect

Keeping chickens safe is top priority to backyard chicken keepers, and for good reason. Simply stated, everything wants to eat your flock. To top it off, chickens seemingly have no natural defenses. To make sure the backyard coops we build are as absolutely predator-proof as possible, here is what we do:

  1. We use all new materials that fit together eliminating openings at corners.
  2. Include safety wire on all windows and fold-down vents.
  3. Use safety wire on all of our chicken runs.
  4. Offer additional predator-proofing options such as automatic chicken doors, screen doors, wire under the coop floor, wire under the run, and wire around the run.
  5. Include a roof or wire on all of our chicken runs.

True Amish Craftsmanship. Every Coop is Built from Scratch.

We Deliver Your Chicken Coop

Our coops are serious structures in size and weight. It is no wonder our customers want them delivered. We also offer to put them in place in your backyard.

Our delivery drivers are experienced and helpful. Your coop will be delivered prebuilt, and ready to use for your chickens.

Please read the delivery page to review the information you need to know to help your delivery go smoothly.