Safer for Chickens Easier to Clean for Humans


Why our coops make backyard chicken keeping easier for youbetter for your chickensless worrysomemore fun

Architectural Shingles

As many people know, Amish craftsmen from Lancaster county Pennsylvania are known for woodworking skill. Quality is a hallmark of our business.. You will find that the materials we use are high quality through-and-through. Of course that includes our roofing materials. Whether you get a metal roof with a 40 year warranty or shingles with a 30  year warranty, you can be assured that he products you are purchasing will last for many years to come.

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Locking People Doors

Keeping your chickens safe is a priority for us. If you are new to keeping chickens, we think it will become important to you too soon enough. The doors that people use come standard with keyed locks. That includes the run on coops that include an attached run with a roof.

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Safety Wire Over Windows

To keep your chicken abode ventilated, every in-stock coop from Hen House Express comes standard with one or more slider windows. Open the windows to create airflow and know your flock is safe. Safety wire on windows is standard on our coops.

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Safety Wire on the Run

We only use the best in wire on our runs. This keep your chickens protected from predators and this wire will not rust. It is a vinyl coated galvanized wire that will hold up outdoors and be the best protection against common chicken foe.

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