Coop and Run in One 6×10

Our most popular warm chicken coop style among our customers, the Quaker, is favored for its stylish design that will look good in anyone’s yard. This 6×10 Quaker Combination chicken coop includes a run where your chickens are able to roam about freely without being at risk from multiple predators. Chickens are their at their best when they are able to get out into the fresh air and stretch their legs, prompting them to  produce a greater quantity and better quality fresh eggs for you and your family.

The charming design of the Quaker style gives you more head space, so you don’t have to crouch as you are taking care of your flock. This large chicken coop can comfortably house 11 to 14 chickens, making it a great size for someone who is experienced in raising chickens and may even sell their  fresh eggs on the side for a little extra income.This is the best chicken coop for those who live in an suburban setting and want to enhance the look of their landscape. This large chicken coop and run combination will make the perfect home for your flock.

Add on our custom options to make the best chicken coop for your specific needs. Our chicken coops all have a 50 year warranty, so that you can enjoy using your chicken coop for many decades to come and even pass it on as a heirloom. All of our Amish built chicken coops arrive at your home fully assembled, so that you can settle your chickens into their new home right away.



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